F = (P+B)/R

F is Freedom - P is Passion - B is Balance - R is Resistance


We believe that a great definition of freedom goes like this:

At the end of the day, I can't tell if I have been working or playing


Our freedom definition is generally fulfilled when we are Passionate about what we are doing!  It could be a great day with our family, playing a great round of golf, reading a great book on the beach, flying an airplane, snow skiing, meditating, getting a great massage, working out, biking, rock climbing, working, --------- OOPS, DID WE JUST INCLUDE WORKING IN OUR DEFINITION OF PASSION???

Well, YES, we did.  That's because we believe that to be truly free in life, we need to do work that we are passionate about.  It's like playing instead of working!  It's the reason we get out of bed in the morning.  It's why we feel good about ourselves.  It's work we love to do and it usually involves helping others lead a more fulfilling life.  Some optometrists are passionate about seeing their patients each day, while others feel .  


Almost anyone that has retired from a busy career will tell you how unfulfilling it is to play golf  EVERY DAY or to sit on the beach EVERY DAY.  They quickly realize that the reason the beach was so enticing before they retired, was that it provided great balance and contrast to the work they were doing.  We all love our children, but there are times we need to share conversations with other adults to balance things out.  The same hold true with most everything we do including our work.  Even fulfilling work needs to be balanced with other activities that we can become passionate about.


Resistance on the other hand, is what we experience when we hate what we doing or even the anticipation of doing something unpleasant.  It's the reason there are more heart attacks on Mondays than any other day of the week.  Many people hate their jobs to the point that the stress of returning to them on Monday morning causes their hearts to stop beating.  The more resistance we experience, the LESS we feel like we are playing at day's end.  Resistance kills our passion and makes true freedom difficult to attain.  

The current health care environment has created more stress and resistance for many optometrists than they have ever experienced in the past.  And it doesn't just go away when the weekend arrives.  This increase in resistance has a very adverse affect on the Freedom Formula!


The formula is all about reducing resistance (stress) while finding our passion and then balancing it with other pleasurable activities that provide diversity in our lives.  We hear many optometrists express the desire to see patients as a hobby while still making enough money to support their lifestyle.  For this to happen, they need to implement E-Myth business principles in their practice and begin leveraging advanced financial strategies that have been used to create wealth for decades.  

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