Our practice's mission statement reads like this:

Our Team

Is Dedicated To Providing Our Patients With

Excellence In Eye And Health Care

Highest Quality Eyeware Products

Guaranteed Satisfaction

A Relationship To Last A Lifetime

It was created more than 20 years ago at a staff retreat and has stood the test of time.  By simply thinking about providing a "Relationship To Last A Lifetime" during every patient encounter, our practice has grown a family of loyal patients that we like to call RAVING FANS.

 But how do we know this? 

Can we measure the effectiveness of our Mission Statement?

 Actually we can!  It's done by employing a simple automation survey tool that runs in the background on every patient we see.  This tool allows us to:

  • Identify our raving fans in 15 seconds or less
  • Learn who is not a raving fan and why (and convert them)
  • Ask Raving Fans for referrals
  • Educate Raving Fans about other products or services we provide
  • Create opportunities for up sells & cross sells prior to their next exam
  • Keep our practice "Top Of Mind"  (see last newsletter)

If you would like to experience a quick "walk through" of how this works in our practice, you can schedule a 30 minute, "one on one" webinar in my calendar by clicking on this link

Riley F. Uglum OD