Perfect Customer Lifecycle

Successful entrepreneurs in many different businesses understand that the Typical Customer Lifecycle (TCL) will no longer generate the revenues needed to sustain and grow their business. Private practice optometrists need to understand this dynamic too.  To understand the flaws in the TCL, take a look at this video.  (It's not optometry specific but is easily adapted to the optometry environment.)

The Perfect Customer Lifecycle (PCL) is a business model that plugs the three large holes where revenue hemmorhages from the old TCL model.  It also builds patient loyalty and brand awareness.  And what really makes the PCL attractive is it's automation.  Today's busy doctors are hard pressed to find time to implement new procedures in their practices.  But the PCL can be set to run on auto pilot which leaves doctors free to do what they do best - provide excellent patient care.  The video link below will show you how the PCL is superior to the old business model.